Crunch the Numbers is designed to assist people from all walks of life from the CEO to the secretary to the high school student just starting out. We aim to explain all topics and make them easy for every one to understand and to use these tools and explanations to get control over your financial life.
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You can take control of your money and your life

  • Learn the 5 numbers you need to know
  • Gain financial tools for life
  • Define your dreams
  • Design your ideal life
  • Create a personalized step-by-step plan to put YOU in control and achieve your dreams

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Client testimonial:

Deb Mousseau helped me get my finances in order. I am sure my story is a lot like others living out side my means, not paying attention to how much interest I was paying to my many credit cards. I was at my wits end living paycheck-to-paycheck, surviving on my credit cards. Feeling ashamed and not sure how to get myself out of this overwhelming hole I created. After a desperate cry to Deb she came over and went through all my paperwork, there was a twinge of shame of being exposed and feeling like I am a looser. Deb was a complete professional, no judgment, only a true willingness to help. She quickly made me feel at ease and she helped put me on a budget, got me on the path to consolidate my credit cards and slowly but surely I was able to get my self out of debt. I could never have done it with out the help of Deb, and all her advice and knowledge. 

G.S. in Los Angeles

My life was falling apart. I could not find a job after being a stay-at-home Mom for 15 years. My husbands company was performing dismally. Deb crunched the numbers, told my husband what he needed to do and advised him along the way. We went from a $250k loss to a $350K profit, a swing of $600,000. His company hit 7 figures in sales for the first time ever thanks to Deb’s advice. She stood by our side throughout the entire journey.

A.M. in California

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